Gray Window Pressは、ハードコア・パンクやその周辺の文化を取り扱う、インディペンデント出版レーベルです。


出版活動は、「Debacle Path」という不定期刊雑誌をメインに、海外のハードコア・パンク関連の書籍の日本語訳を刊行します。

Satoshi Suzuki (blog)


Gray Window Press is an independent publisher of a magazine and books related to hardcore punk and other subculture. Based in Japan and the States.

Gray Window Press aims to review hardcore punk, which once was an “exceptional” genre of music, from its origin and with various points of view again.
We publish the magazine Debacle Path on irregular basis and Japanese translations of books written by punks all over the world.

Run by:
Satoshi Suzuki